Actions to End Femicide (2015)

This infographic provides information about data and documentation, prevention, awareness, and legislative and policy reform actions that can be used to help end femicide.

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Data and Documentation:

  • Strengthen data collection and analysis to generate an effective evidence base that can inform
    programs and policy.
  • Where data on femicide is less available, raise awareness and perform advocacy work to encourage improved data collection.
  • Train officials to improve documentation of femicide cases and surrounding circumstances.
  • Increase research on violence against women prevention and intervention.


  • Advocate for human rights for all women and girls.
  • Enhance availability and access to services offering protection to women and girls.
  • Improve early detection of severe intimate partner violence through appropriate assessment, safety planning, and risk management training to reduce the risk of femicide and other harm.
  • Implement programs to break intergenerational cycles of violence and abuse.
  • Support Aboriginal communities in developing community safety plans and enhance the economic independence of Aboriginal women.


  • Raise awareness about violence against women (VAW) and all forms of femicide.
  • Raise awareness about the attitudes and motivations underlying VAW, including femicide.
  • Develop public education campaigns to empower women and girls and to engage men and boys in preventing VAW.
  • Engage in activist efforts to protest every time a women or girl is murdered.
  • Increase awareness of risk factors for victimization and perpetration of all forms of femicide.

Legislative and policy Reform:

  • Implement policies and programs aimed at improving gender equality in education, government, labour force participation, and earnings Chronic disease and pain
  • Advocate for an international zero tolerance policy on violence against women and girls.
  • Implement policies increasing support and reparation for woman/girl survivors of violence.
  • Advocate for the implementation of legislation to investigate and adequately prosecute femicide.

This infographic emerged from the Issue-Based Newsletter 14: Femicide