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The Learning Network (LN) is a valuable source of evidence-informed resources for individuals, service providers, and organizations working to end violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence (GBV).


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End the Misuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements! Informed Choices for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

This Backgrounder offers information about NDAs in the context of gender-based violence to inform choice and promote advocacy to end the misuse of NDAs. It is directly informed by the experiences of those who signed an NDA and features their quotes and stories shared with Can’t Buy My Silence.


Mothering in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence: Realities and Resilience

This Brief examines the impacts of IPV on the survivor-mother and child relationship, the realities of mothering that survivor-mothers face, and considerations for service providers supporting survivor-mothers and their children.


Keira’s Legacy of Hope: Judicial Training on Family Violence

In this Special Event, panelists discuss the necessity of Keira’s Law given the gap in judicial education and knowledge about family violence and coercive control. Panelists also share more about what the law seeks to do and current realities of judge training in Canada. Finally, panelists share their hopes and wishes for the enactment of the law with the goal to protect more children in the future.


Partnering with Media for Change: Disrupting Harmful Narratives on Gender Based Violence

In this Webinar, panelists explore how GBV is commonly represented in Canadian media, including myths around GBV and femicide, and how the GBV sector can collaborate with media to improve GBV media coverage.


Considerations for Meaningful Collaboration: Highlights from A Conversation with Indigenous Elders

Authored by: Lillian Smallboy, Elder Gae Ho Hwako Norma Jacobs, Elder Naulaq LeDrew, and Elder Gloria Thomson

This resource shares information on who Elders are and their roles, as well as how to meaningfully engage with an Elder from the invitation to post-collaboration and sustaining the relationship.


Elder Abuse & Financial Abuse Prevention in LGBTQI+ Communities

Shared knowledge about elder abuse faced by LGBTQI+ older adults is limited, while there is growing attention to this issue among community, researchers, and elder abuse prevention advocates. This Resource Spotlight recording highlights key findings from existing research and initiatives related to elder abuse and focuses on strategies to prevent and mitigate elder abuse (particularly financial exploitation).


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