This collection of Learning Network resources is designed to synthesize and disseminate knowledge on topics related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV). These resources provide foundational GBV knowledge including commonly used language, important gaps and emerging issues, recent research, and important educational tools and resources.

Our Videos present presentations on important GBV topics and recordings of survivors sharing their lived experience.

An Introduction to Domestic Homicide Reviews in England and Wales: Exploring Challenges and Opportunities Through the Lens of LGBT+ Domestic Homicide (2019)

Presented by: James Rowlands.
This Video was presented and recorded on December 13, 2019.

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Resilience and Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (2018)

What does resilience have to do with trauma and children exposed to intimate partner violence?

In this podcast hosted by Make Resilience Matters, Dr. Linda Baker discusses the relationship between resilience building and trauma work. She offers useful case examples and reflects on current practice, urging and inspiring those in the field to change the way we work.

Sexual Violence Forum: Videos (2018)

In this one-day Forum, we discussed the role of marginalization, power imbalances, privilege and accompanying notions of entitlement, and the many ways in which social disparities inform “consent” and patterns of sexual violence.  View all videos here.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace (2016)

Presented by: Barb MacQuarrie.
This Video was presented and recorded on March 10, 2016.

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Exploring a National Evaluation Framework: Assessing Changes in Men and Boys (2016)

Presented by: Kate Bojin.
This Video was presented and recorded on January 21, 2016.

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Preventing Domestic Homicides: Lessons Learned from Tragedies (2015)

Presented by: Peter Jaffe.
This Video was presented and recorded on December 10, 2015.

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Drawing the Line on Workplace Sexual Harassment (2015)

Presented by: Nicole Pietsch and Julie Lalonde.
This Video was presented and recorded on September 24, 2015.

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Partner Violence in Rainbow Communities: What We Know and What We Need to Know (2015)

Presented by: Betty Jo Barrett.
This Video was presented and recorded on June 11, 2015.

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Abuse of Older Women (2015)

Presented by: Barbara MacQuarrie and Margaret MacPherson.
This Video was presented and recorded on January 22, 2015.

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Cycling Through Consent (2015)

We had the opportunity to work with Western's Housing Department, Rez Life Western, to develop a video on consent aimed at reaching incoming and current Western students.  We really enjoyed the process and are thrilled with the resulting video "Cycling through Consent".

How Artificial Intelligence Can “Undress” You (2018)

In this Healthy Talk Facebook Live with Neighbours, Friends and Families, Learning Network Research Associate Dianne Lalonde speaks about deepnudes, deepfakes, and image-based sexual abuse.

Survivor Interview - Carol (2013)

Carol shares her experience of sexual assault that occurred on her 19th birthday. She chose to press charges against the perpetrator and recounts her experience with the criminal justice system.  She also discusses the impacts of the assault on her and her family as well as her engagement with formal and informal support networks.  She shares advice for other survivors and those who support them.

Carol's Experience

After the Hospital

Making a Statement


Supports: Formal & Informal

Court Process

Messages to Survivors, Bystanders and Men

Survivor Interview - Deborah (2013)

Deborah, age 63, is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. This proud mother and loving partner shares the impacts she experienced, her decision as an adult to tell others about her childhood abuse, and how  non-judgemental and supportive people have assisted her in coping.  She also discusses how writing and speaking about her childhood abuse  plays an important role in her healing journey.

Deborah's Experience

I never told anyone...


Coping Strategies

Deciding to tell...

Other Avenues for Healing

Messages for Other Women

Survivor Interview - Janis (2013)

Janis, age 51, is a survivor of sexual violation, psychological, physical and economic abuse during adolescence, in intimate relationships as an adult and in her work as a sex worker. Learn from this poet and author, as she discusses the spiral of outcomes she experienced, as well as the support and inner strength she developed through friendship, martial arts, and writing.

Janis's Experience


Befriended, Exploited and Victimized

Domestic Violence & Why I Stayed


Formal Supports

Messages to Other Women

Survivor Interview - Michelle (2013)

Michelle, age 23, is blind and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault at age 17.  She plans to attend Law School and to work as a legal advocate for individuals with disabilities.  She discusses personal impacts, other consequences, her experience with the justice system, and what has supported her healing and recovery.

Michelle's Experience

Helpful & Unhelpful Responses

Thoughts about Reporting

A Common MisBelief


Impacts, Coping and Triggers

Advice to Others


Natalie Novak - Learning from her Parents (2013)

Twenty year old Natalie, the daughter of Dawn and Ed Novak, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend while attending university.  Seven years later, her parents share their understanding of this preventable tragedy and their mission to end violence.

Dawn reflects...

Ed calls us to action...

Dawn reaches out to parents...

The Novaks' mission to prevent violence...

Learning Network Human Trafficking Forum (2013)

Human trafficking is a serious human rights violation and a clandestine crime. it is perpetrated primarily against women and children, and involves the recruitment, transportation or harboring of persons for the purpose of exploitation. The consequences of this gendered violence are devastating.  The present stage of its recognition and intervention emphasize the need for relevant information and resources for community stakeholders working to prevent human trafficking, to protect those affected, and to hold perpetrators accountable. 

These are the videoed presentations from the Learning Network Human Trafficking Forum held in London, Ontario on March 5th, 2013.

Forum Agenda

Traditional opening by Gloria Alvernaz-Mulcahy.

Dr Annalee Lepp, Founding member of the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) Canada.
"Do No Harm: A Human Rights Approach  to Anti-Trafficking Policies and Interventions in Canada"

Loly Rico, President of the Canadian Council of Refugees; Founder and Co-Director of FCJ Refugee Council.
"Human Trafficking: Recent Changes and Developments"

Teresa Edwards, Director of Human Rights & international Affairs & In-House Legal Counsel, Native Women''s Association of Canada.
"Addressing Human Trafficking in Aboriginal Communities"

Robin Pike, First Executive Director, BC Office to Combat Trafficking in Persons.
"Building a Provincial Response to Trafficking in Persons: The BC Experience"

Marty Van Doren, Superintendent (Retired), Human Trafficking Awareness Coordinator, RCMP "O" Division.
"Law Enforcement Perspective"

Jacqui Linder, Clinical Director and Founder of Chrysalis Network.
"Understanding Victims of Human Trafficking"

Sue Wilson, Director of the Office for Systemic Justice for the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada.
"Weaving the Threads: Reflections on Themes of the Day"

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