Little Eyes, Little Ears: Centering Children & Youth in Gender-Based Violence Work

This Podcast Series shares the multitude of innovative and evidence-informed ways that individuals in Canada are centering children and youth in GBV work, including children’s exposure to family violence. Join us to learn more about intersectional, survivor-led, strengths-based, and trauma- and violence-informed supportive responses.

This Podcast Series is to honor the contributions made by Dr. Linda Baker through her work at the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children on mobilizing knowledge to better support and center the experiences of children and youth. Click here to learn more about Dr. Linda Baker.

Episode 1 - “Little Eyes and Little Ears Don’t Miss Much”: Past, Present, and Future Work on Supporting Children and Youth

This inaugural episode features Dr. Linda Baker as a speaker and is guest hosted by Dr. Peter Jaffe. Linda shares her reflections on how understandings of child and youth experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV) have evolved over the last twenty years.

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Episode 2 - “Thinking Outside the Box”: Using Intersectionality to Understand and Contextualize Children’s Experiences of Violence

In this episode, Dr. Roberta Timothy discusses the historical origins of intersectionality rooted in Black activism and feminism, and how intersectionality can be used to make sense of diverse experiences and multiple systems of oppression faced by children and youth. As central to intersectionality, Dr. Timothy offers four concepts: identity, oppression, violence, and resistance. These concepts come to life in creative examples and personal learnings that Dr. Timothy shares in supporting children and youth exposed to violence. Lastly, Dr. Timothy offers a vision for the future where intersectionality is used for empowerment, wellness, healing, and action.

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Episode 3 - Storytelling for Action: Recognizing and Centering Youth Survivor Voices

In this episode, youth rights advocate Maya Lebrun shares the importance of respecting and centering youth survivor voices in gender-based violence work to better support survivors and their wellbeing.

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Episode 4 - "Meet Them Where They Are At": Reimagining the Child Welfare System

In this podcast episode, Thaila Dixon-Eeet discusses critical youth-centering and community development with youth survivors based on their work with the Collective of Child Welfare Survivors. 

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Episode 5 - More than "Sibling Rivalry": Understanding and Addressing Sibling Abuse

In this podcast episode, Lorene Stanwick discusses sibling abuse and the need for more awareness, public education, and supports for survivors based on her personal experience and learnings through her play Broken Branches.

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Episode 6 - "We Need the Space to Exist" : Supporting and Empowering Black Youth Survivors of GBV

In this podcast episode, Shenikqwa Phillip discusses the need to create healthier and safer spaces for Black children and youth survivors of gender-based violence.

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