Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Power and Control Wheel

This infographic shows the power and control wheel of intimate partner sexual violence, it includes multiple example of how IPSV can exist.

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Power & Control:

  • Unwanted sexual touching or being forced to touch
  • Worried about the consequences if any sexual activity is refused
  • Telling others intimate details about the sexual relationship
  • Constantly being compared to past sexual partners
  • “Giving in” to sex when you don’t want to or to avoid physical violence
  • Forced into watching/making pornography and/or prostitution
  • Using technology to photograph/film sexual acts (without consent) & uploading or distributing this
  • Refusing to use condoms and denying birth control
  • Coercing into sex by offering/forcing drugs or alcohol
  • Using sexually degrading language and making sexual comments
  • Forced into sexual activity in front of others (including children)
  • Expecting sex on demand
  • Constantly being accused of having affairs
  • Being pressured in to any activity that is degrading, humiliating or painful, e.g. anal sex, object penetration
  • Physical assault, including choking or strangling, before and during sexual activity
  • Forced participation in sex with other persons or animals

This infographic emerged from Issue-Based Newsletter 17: Intimate Partner Sexual Violence.