IPV Perpetration & Child Maltreatment: Shared Risk Factors

This inforgraphic addresses the shared risk factors between IPV perpetration and child maltreatment.

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IPV and child maltreatment are inter-related forms of violence. In fact, over 33% of children exposed to IPV in the past year also experienced maltreatment, compared to just 9% of children with no IPV exposure.5. Not surprisingly, there are many common risk factors between IPV perpetration and child maltreatment perpetration.


  • Social norms supporting violence
  • Gender inequality


  • Poverty
  • Weak sanctions (e.g. neighbors unwilling to intervene)


  • Financial stress
  • Martial Conflict
  • Unhealthy family relationships Individual:
  • Young age
  • Unemployment
  • Alcohol/drug use
Prior experience of childhood abuse/neglect/exposure to IPV

This infographic emerged from the Issue-Based Newsletter 20: Links between the maltreatment of girls & later victimization or use of violence.