Places Where Sexual Harassment Occurs and Its Potential Impacts

This infographic addresses three spaces where sexual harassment can take place: street harassment, workplace sexual harassment, and sexual harassment in educational settings. It also lists potential impacts of sexual harassment in each of the settings.

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Spaces where sexual harassment occurs and its potential impacts

Street Harassment:

This form of sexual harassment occurs in public places.

  • Sexually objectifies
  • Makes public spaces feel less comfortable and safe
  • Reinforces vulnerability to assault and attack in public spaces

Workplace Sexual Harassment:

  • Undermines a person’s sense of dignity
  • Undermines a person’s sense of competence at work
  • Compromises earning potential (absenteeism, distraction, loss of promotion)
  • Creates a toxic environment Sexual Harassment in

Educational Settings:

  • Undermines skills and a person’s ability to learn
  • Disrupts education
  • Compromises a person’s ability to reach his or her full potential
  • Can result in absenteeism, poor grades and discontinuation of one’s studies

Patterns of sexual harassment often reflect cultural norms connected with space. Spaces associated with sexual harassment include…

Sexual harassment can negatively impact every domain of a survivor’s life.


This infographic emerged from Issue-Based Newsletter 13: Sexual and Gender-based Harassment.