Questions to consider when working intersectionally

This inforgraphic provides contexual questions that can be asked when working with an intersectional approach.

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Your own position as a service provider:

  • What are your own identities, privilege(s), and positions of power in relations to the issues you are addressing?
  • Are you a member of the group(s) you are working with?
  • How does your position impact your work?


The social locations of the persons you are working with:

  • What are the challenges? (e.g. unstable housing, discrimination)
  • What are the strengths that can be drawn upon? (e.g. resources, community centre)
  • Are there groups within the broader community you are working with that have gone unnoticed? (e.g. have you considered older people, immigrants, children...?)


The conditions that impact social locations:

  • What are the social, political, economic, or cultural conditions that are impacting the person or group(s) you are working with?
  • What, if any, are the recent policies, practices, or laws that may be particularly relevant to the person or group(s)?

This infographic emerged from Issue-Based Newsletter 15: Intersectionality.