The Feminist EAAA Sexual Assault Resistance Program for Young Women in University

Date & Time: September 11, 2018

Presented by: Dr. Charlene Senn, Professor of Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies, University of Windsor

Presentation: The Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge, Act (EAAA) sexual assault resistance education program (aka Flip the Script) is a 12-hour small group, empirically based intervention designed specifically for 1st year women students (17 to 24 yrs old). The EAAA program is based on feminist social psychological theory, research evidence, and best practices and is inclusive of women of all sexual identities. In a RCT with close to 900 Canadian women on three Canadian university campuses, EAAA reduced completed and attempted rape experienced by women by 50% in the first year while reducing self-blame for survivors. All of the positive effects including increased self-confidence and reductions in sexual assault last two full years. EAAA is one critical piece of a comprehensive strategy to address the high incidence of sexual violence on our campuses.

Bio: Charlene Senn is a social psychologist and Professor of Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies at the University of Windsor. She has been an activist and advocate on issues related to men’s violence against women and women’s health for many years. Over more than 10 years, Dr. Senn developed and evaluated a sexual assault resistance education program (EAAA) for first year University women. The efficacy of this intervention was demonstrated recently in a CIHR-funded randomized controlled trial in which the one-year incidence of completed rape was reduced by almost 50% in women who took the intervention compared to those in the control group.

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