Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Intimate Partner Violence: Implications of the Co-occurrence of PTSD & TBI

This Webinar was presented and recorded on June 11, 2019.

In this Webinar, Dr. Akosoa McFadgion will explore the relationship between TBI and PTSD in the context of IPV and the unique experiences of black women and considerations for service providers.

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akosoa.jpgDr. Akosoa McFadgion is the Director of the Office of Interpersonal Violence Prevention at Howard University. She is a trained social worker and research psychologist with over 20 years’ of experience conducting research that includes examining child sexual abuse prevention, the intersection of HIV, substance use and domestic violence, and the prevalence of interpersonal violence on college campuses. Her research interest is examining the relationship between intimate partner violence and traumatic brain injury, and how these facets of trauma affect women’s mental health. Her passion is educating others in the area of trauma, domestic violence, family violence, and how these factors influence the health of women and girls. Her research and practice experience has blessed her with the insight to frame healthy relationships from an evidence-based and trauma-informed approach. 

Watch Dr. McFadgion discuss TBI and IPV at the "Violence Against Women & Traumatic Brain Injury Forum" in March 2019.

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