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Mobilizing knowledge to end gender-based violence

The Learning Network is a knowledge mobilization initiative that bridges the gap between current gender-based violence (GBV) research, practice-based knowledge, and lived experience to enhance the capacity of the GBV sector and movement (e.g., legal help, shelter support, advocacy, education, sexual assault counselling). This knowledge is essential to preventing violence across diverse communities, supporting survivors and allies, and promoting gender equity.                            

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Taking Back Power: Annie Faces an NDA

This comic series details Annie’s experiences with her employer after she reported sexual harassment, including being asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

This comic was made in partnership with Can't Buy My Silence.


#MaybeNextTime: There Shouldn’t be a Next Time

This presentation explores five essential approaches and best practices for supporting Black women and girls during the disclosure of sexual violence. Additionally, it outlines strategies for designing and delivering responsive services that prioritize their needs and well-being, aiming to shift away from practices that inadvertently re-victimize them. These approaches are crucial for fostering environments where Black women and girls can have equitable access to justice.


Colonialism and Survivance: Unique experiences of multigenerational violence and cultural strengths among Indigenous peoples in Canada

This webinar discusses the unique experiences of violence experienced by First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples since first contact. As observed in other populations who have faced collective trauma, this has led to an increased risk for personal exposure to violent victimization among Indigenous Peoples. 


The Journey to Ottawa: Understanding and Transforming Publication Ban Law

This event recording provides you with a more comprehensive understanding of the law on publication bans, and leaves you feeling equipped to advocate for legislative change and support progress to improve the way that publication bans are used in the criminal legal system.


International Students and Emotional Abuse: Campuses Must Offer Support!

This infographic shares some of the ways international students experience emotional abuse, barriers to accessing help, and how postsecondary campuses can take proactive steps to offer supports.


Disabled Sexuality and Pleasure Access

This Resource Spotlight features That Sex Show on AMI-tv which focuses on the intersections of disability, sex, and sexuality more broadly. We’ll discuss the importance of disability-focused and disability-inclusive sexuality education, connections between gender-based violence and disabled sexuality, and best practices for disability inclusion in relation to sexuality education.  


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