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Mobilizing knowledge to end gender-based violence

The Learning Network is a knowledge mobilization initiative that bridges the gap between current gender-based violence (GBV) research, practice-based knowledge, and lived experience to enhance the capacity of the GBV sector and movement (e.g., legal help, shelter support, advocacy, education, sexual assault counselling). This knowledge is essential to preventing violence across diverse communities, supporting survivors and allies, and promoting gender equity.                            

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"Meet Them Where They Are At": Reimagining the Child Welfare System

In this podcast episode, Thaila Dixon-Eeet discusses critical youth-centering and community development with youth survivors based on their work with the Collective of Child Welfare Survivors. Instead of infantilizing or tokenizing youth, Thaila shares how critical youth-centering involves capacity-building and creating safe opportunities for youth to share their feedback and experiences. 


Engaging Youth to Promote Healthy Masculinities and End Gender-Based Violence

This Backgrounder explores patriarchal and healthy masculinities, the impacts of patriarchal masculinities on GBV, and the role of youth in promoting healthy masculinities. It spotlights White Ribbon’s intensive and gender-transformative curriculum on healthy masculinities.

This Backgrounder was co-created with the Learning Network and White Ribbon.


Supporting Survivors with Animals in Contexts of Intimate Partner Violence

This Issue shares how to integrate the human-animal bond in intimate partner violence supports and services for survivors. It identifies the barriers that survivors with animals face in help-seeking and safety planning. Additionally, this Issue offers strategies for trauma- and violence-informed care in supporting survivors and animals with inspiring examples of cross-sectoral collaboration.


Dance and Consent: Transforming Gender-Based Violence Prevention Efforts

This Facebook Live explores Leading Authentically’s consent-based dance workshop entitled Empowered Connections: Consent on the Dance Floor, which equips participants with enhanced skills in consent, healthy communication, and effective feedback. The session also outlines some of the many benefits of arts-based approaches to consent education for service providers and offers next steps for integrating them into everyday practice.


Supporting Survivors of GBV and their Animals: Innovative and Collaborative Strategies

How can we enact systemic change to better support survivors of gender-based violence (GBV) and their animals (companion, farmed, and service)? Humane Canada’s ACT Project answers based on their work with survivors of GBV and multisectoral organizations including women’s shelters, anti-violence organizations, veterinary professionals, and animal welfare services. 


Beneath the Red Umbrella: Comic Strips as Expressions of Solidarity with Sex Workers

Sex workers face stigma and discrimination that contributes to experiences of gender-based violence and produces barriers to support-seeking for survivors of gender-based violence. This Brief shares work utilizing comic strips to dismantle myths and share accurate knowledge about sex work. Comics are offered as an effective means to tell a story about what sex work is, who does it, why they might do it, and the harms of stigmatization and criminalization.


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