Movement Workshop

We are excited to offer an optional Movement Workshop, following the forum presentations, focused on grounding, restoration, and self-centering through playful movement, tapping exercises, and breath and energy work.

This workshop, facilitated by Jazz Kamal of Inferno Movement, will be offered on both days of our Virtual Forum program from 3:30 - 4:00 PM ET.

No additional registration required. Stay on the Zoom session after the presentations to join in the workshop!

Jazz Kamal


Jazz Kamal is a Holistic movement coach based in Toronto and is the owner of Inferno Movement. The practice integrates her education in breath work and restoration, manual soft tissue techniques, anatomy, combat sports and athletic training, energy work, and trauma informed coaching through the lens of exploration. She works outside the parameters and structures of the status quo built into the fitness industry. Jazz’s training style looks at the person as a whole human, not just a body to be trained. This is her commitment to the body’s evolution through holistic movement. 

Inferno Movement embodies the primal, sophisticated and creative expressions of human physical ability. It is the celebration of our uniqueness and the unification of mind, body and spirit. It ignites the fire that propels personal evolution and helps lift perceived boundaries. It is an honest commitment to being a better version of oneself daily. It aims to return "birthright" able bodied movements such as running, jumping and throwing, while enjoying more physical literacy and movement options. The Inferno Movement Tribe is an ever-growing community of all ages, bodies and life experiences, and each one of them are Warriors in their own right. Together, we are becoming stronger, smarter, and better than yesterday. 

“I eat, live, breathe my practice and every interaction with my clients is sacred. I am deeply committed to helping remove limiting beliefs around their physical abilities, and educating, so my clients can truly step into their most capable, aware selves.” - Jazz Kamal