Gender-Based Violence Through an Intersectional Lens

Presented by: Monica Samuel, Executive Director, Black Women in Motion.
This Resource Spotlight was presented and recorded on November 19, 2020.

This presentation provided a quick overview of pop culture and the media’s continuation and perpetuation of sexual violence, highlighting the interrelationship of anti-black racism, colorism, fatphobia, and disability. Participants left having a better understanding of the erasure experienced by survivors from BIPOC communities and resources and tools to better show up as allies. 

Resource Spotlight Recording

Access the presentation slides here


 Learning Objectives

  • Increased understanding of intersectionality and systems of oppression within gender-based violence movements  
  • Increased knowledge of survivor-centred educational tools, resources and supports for 2SLGTQIA+ BIPOC communities 


monica.jpgMonica Samuel is a community worker, social entrepreneur, educator and consultant. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Black Women in Motion, a Toronto-based, youth-led organization that empowers and supports the advancement of black womxn and survivors of sexual violence. We work within an anti-racist, intersectional feminist, trauma-informed and survivor-centred framework to create culturally-relevant content, educational tools, healing spaces and economic opportunities for black womxn. 

Monica’s work as an educator over the last 8 years, has focused on anti-oppression, equity, mental health, sex positivity and consent. She has over ten years of experience creating culturally centered spaces for learning and self-expression. 

Celebrated in Canada as 2019’s Top 100 Black Women to watch, Monica’s dedication and approach to social justice work has created healing, restorative and economic opportunities for black womxn and youth across the City of Toronto.

“Black womxn have endured the unfathomable and yet, we are still here. We are poignant, prolific, and radiant. We draw our strength from our blackness and ancestry to fight oppression and injustice, while educating others, so that they can do the same. It is my duty as a black womxn, to ensure the well-being, prosperity and advancement of my community.”

Social Media: @monicasamuel (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) 

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